Am I the only one who believes that the movie ‘WILD” could’ve been better if Reese Witherspoon’s character took a dog along with her?

I daydream over the thought of “un-domesticating” my dog for how many days it will take us to complete either the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail. His natural instinct to chase wildlife and the high levels of energy he reaches while on a trail leads me to start picturing a backpack on him!

Dogs who live wild lives are naturally productive and gifted with instincts to keep them busy all day. Companion dogs are a normal feature of a lot of peoples lives, but for those who own dogs that could fight off a mountain lion (My friend’s Kangal saved his life from being taken by a lion while hiking in Turkey) bear the burden of making sure they’re living enriched lives. Here are a few dog specific products that helped Appalachian thru-dog hikers travel those long distances with ease: 

DEHYDRATED FOOD – 8 lbs of this dehydrated dog food makes 52 lbs of dog-scarfing chomp! Just think of it as the couscous of dog food.

more details *link to Nooga Paws site*

GRANITE GEAR LONG HOWL DOG PACK – You didn’t think you would be carrying your dogs food and hiking supplies, did you? 

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RUFF WEAR ROAMER LEASH – This leash comes equipped with an elastic feature that absorbs the shock of your dog when their natural instinct to chase a nearby chipmunk kicks in. It’s hands-free clip makes it the ideal leash for runners and hikers.

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THE TICK KEY – If you’re anything like me; you can never find a pair of tweezers when you need one. This little gadget makes tick removal a little less painful.   

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FIGURE 8 LED CARABINER – It’s hard to keep an eye on your pup at night, this tool makes it easier to spot, Spot. 

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PAW WAX – Dog booties are awfully cute but not as practical as this paw wax developed in Canada with sledding dogs in mind.

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PORTABLE DOG PACKING BED – My dog shows his domesticated side most when it’s time to lay down. He’ll search till he finds a carpeted/pillowed area to plop down on, so this is a product i’ll definitely be adding to my pack list!

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