How to Repurpose Old Jeans

   All you need is a pair of unwanted jeans (your kids jeans will probably be too short), scissors, and a basic understanding of knot tying. If you can tie a bow, pretty sure you can make a free toy for your pup!



  In the bottom right photo, we took the top part of the vertical strand and placed it under the second horizontal strand and did the same for the bottom part of the vertical stand, then FLIP the entire thing so the backside is facing you, and start the process all over again. Except this time, you will be feeding the strands through little loops!



This is optional, we added a Barley Bone before tying the last knot. Maybe thats why it looks like Gigi and Abigail are fixing to tie the knot!

Post a photo of your finished product to let us know how you did/how good or bad our instructions were!