About Us

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About Craft Treats

Craft Treats started from an idea: what if a dog treat could be holistically made while also remaining affordable and delicious?

The idea first occurred to me while disposing of my home-brew spent grains. I had recently discovered that most pet treats were made from soy, wheat, and rice, serving as “just nutritional enough” package filling for the goodies we were feeding to our dogs. I wanted to make something better, and in my career as a brewer, I had discovered the first part of the composition to make something better.

Our first product was born, and we called it a craft biscuit. Though it came from a simple idea, a craft biscuit is several things: It’s the result of a desire to see a product made for the benefit of the dog than its owners; it’s the product for the owner who wants the satisfaction of providing their dog with the best quality possible; it’s the fruition of the employees at our company who care enough about quality to create a hand-cut treat, and it’s the ability to give those employees living wage alongside the owner/operator.

A craft biscuit is a quality nutritional product and a way of life for our company, employees, retailers, consumers, and all of man’s best friends. These qualities define a product as a craft and make us purveyors’ of quality pet treats.

Thanks for supporting us in our pursuit of quality and honesty in our craft.

–Ben Whitelaw, Owner/Operator of Craft Treats

Our History
Craft Treats was founded in 2012 by me, Ben Whitelaw. I’m the guy who wanted to make a craft biscuit without the low-nutritional filler that plagues so many other pet treats. The idea first occurred to me while disposing of my home-brew spent grains. I began hand-making craft biscuits from the malted barley, a much healthier and nutritional alternative to the popular wheat, corn, and soy products most people buy.

The COVID-19 epidemic changed things for a lot of businesses, but I remained committed to the goal of creating holistically-sourced treats. I transitioned from a primarily malted barley composition to a limited ingredient composition mixing flax and oat-based protein sources. Our treats are always free from wheat, corn, and soy, because we believe our favorite pet friends deserve the same kind of nourishment we would eat ourselves.

Today, Craft Treats are sold domestically and internationally, with over 200 vendors carrying our product. Our business has grown a lot since it started, but we’re still making products we’re all proud to stand behind, and we look forward to many more years to come of making high-quality, holistic craft biscuits.

Our Philosophy
At Craft Treats, we have a few key principles that guide the products we provide.

We never use corn, wheat, or soy in our ingredients. These substances have minimal nutritional value for dogs and cats. Craft Treats is about quality, not filler.

We ALWAYS source our ingredients regionally from the US, purchasing from farmers and producers who we know ethically raise their animals.

We are committed to the quality and health value of our products. We offer a variety of specialty treats within our product lines, with unique benefits ranging from CBD infusion to soft composition, and more. But no matter which pet treats you buy, you will always be guaranteed three things – your purchase will be holistically sourced, healthy for your pets, and delicious to eat!