Dog of the Month: Spirit

We at Barley Bones are big believers in adoption when looking for a dog to join our families. We are teaming up with the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society for a Dog of the Month feature to share some of the area’s most eligible dogs for adoption! If you adopt one of our sponsored dogs, you will also receive a coupon for a free bag of our Barley Bones treats to start your lives together!

May Dog with Fire Truck

Spirit, an 8-year- old hound mix, was born with a birth defect that caused a “dent” in her skull. As you can see from her photos, the dent is hardly noticeable and has no effect on her health, but we think it certainly makes her unique!May Dog 1


When she came to the shelter she was thin and looked like she needed some TLC, but she was so wiggly, outgoing, and lively that we thought Spirit was the perfect name for her.

May Dog with Firemen

Spirit is a happy-go- lucky girl who loves every person and dog she meets. She always has a big smile and is excited to give anyone and everyone sloppy kisses. Spirit likes to go for walks but also enjoys lounging around and getting plenty of affection. She has a quiet demeanor and a very gentle spirit. This precious girl would make a perfect pet for any family!

May Dog at the Hunter