DIY Frozen Chicken Cake


If your dog’s birthday is during the month of July or you just want to make it up to them for all the fireworks you blasted off in the backyard on the 4th, here’s a treat that’ll make your pup feel extra special!

What you’ll need:

  • An empty gallon tub of ice cream, or a big bowl (The size of the container depends on how many freezable toys you intend on gifting)
  • Water
  • Chicken Stock (optional, but advisable)
  • Dog toys
  • Carrots (if your dog is a fan too)
  • Freezer

How to Prepare Frozen Chicken Cake: 

Once you’ve gathered all of your freezable toys, toss them in the container of choice and fill it with water until full. Keep in mind; if some of the toys have trouble sinking to the bottom, don’t worry, they’ll serve as cake toppings! Once everything is positioned to your liking, stick the container in the freezer until its completely frozen. Be careful removing the ice cake from the container. We recommend surprising your dog with this cake outside, so the sun can help them get to their new toys faster and for taller dogs placing the cake on a sturdy chair may work better, as well.

This DIY is one of the most inexpensive ways too keeping your pet cool and yourself entertained this summer! Plus you’re going to save a lot of money on wrapping paper, I know it’s silly to wrap gifts for dogs because they don’t have thumbs. But, I know a lot of us still do it! And remember to be safe out there while lugging your giant ice block to the park or back yard.

 Let us know what your dogs think!