Climbing Stairs, made 100% easier | DOGGY ARCHITECTURE

For all of you who share the same DIY-TILL-YOU-DIE mentality, this is for you!

Today in the office we’ve been talking about how wicked being a “Master Craftsman” must be.

Here in Chattanooga, TN, you can earn that title after completing four years at one of the most accredited wood working academies in North America. The owner of the smallest dog in the office would build a separate set of puppy-sized stairs if he knew how to. Right now he’s using 3 stacked storage containers with a blanket on top (for aesthetic purposes) next to his bed that safely allow Beamo to climb in. We’re still proud of our Amateur Craftsman 🙂

The master designers at 07BEACH created an ingenious solution to the small dog problem and took stairs to the next level by creating half-size stairs. These stairs completely eliminate the fear of accidentally tripping over your little fur one, and make walking up the stairs so much easier in this home. You can see more pictures here.


I found this on NotCot!