Barley Bones gains a FOOTHOLD in the raw food game

 If you’ve been to the Chattanooga Market recently you may have caught a glimpse of our dry feet – dehydrated chicken feet, I mean.


There is more to a chicken than the parts you enjoy at the dinner table; and those are the parts that make Rovers tail wag with joy. 


Eating chicken feet may sound like hocus pocus to you, but to others it’s considered a delicacy. Countries such as Jamaica, Philippines, and South America enjoy these feet for their tasty and anti-ageing properties. 

Chicken feet are an excellent source of collagen, which is something you want a lot of because collagen is what holds our bodies together and keeps our faces looking as young as we feel.

Here are a few specific reasons why adding more collagen to your diet improves your health:

It’s a good way to achieve a dose of protein and calcium without the carbohydrates (dogs have issues consuming high levels of carbohydrates)

-Aides weight loss by helping the body metabolize fats

-Lessens the damaging effects of arthritis

-Strengthens blood vessels and improves blood supply

Now that you know how good chicken feet are for you.. 

Don’t you think you’re furry friend would be better off with a more collagen filled diet–And doesn’t this picture make them look a lot less creepy?


The list of why we love chicken feet continues on when you take dog joint health into account. These treats include the ingredient Chondroitin, which keeps cartilage resilient and the crunchy texture of dehydrated chicken feet is easier for dogs with chewing problems to consume and safer than bones!

Chicken feet can be enjoyed anytime of the day and not just by dogs, cats too!

Most collagen supplements for dogs are expensive. Why pay so much when you can purchase them from a local source supplied by a local farmer? We also guarantee that the feet we sell come from free-range – organic – vegetarian fed chickens.

Tip from the dog treat professionals: Once you return home from the market you should treat your pup immediately, and pop the rest of the chicken feet in an air tight bag.  

“Great feet come from happy chickens”