What is CBG and how can it help my dog?

What is CBG, and how can it help? Well, CBG is a cannabinoid, much like CBD and THC. It is a “chemical precursor” to CBD, THC, CBC, and many other cannabinoids. In a way, it is a building block for a wide array of cannabinoids. So how does it help? While there haven’t been complete studies on CBG’s benefits in dogs or cats just yet, there have been several preclinical studies indicating CBG has the following benefits:

Chronic pain relief: Research has found that CBG has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it potentially beneficial for conditions in dogs such as arthritis and hip dysplasia.
Mood enhancement: CBG could help dogs with anxiety without the drowsiness that CBD can cause.
Cellular health support: Research suggests that CBG can help slow the growth of cancer cells, so it could be beneficial for dogs with cancer.
Anti-bacterial agent: The topical use of CBG could help dogs with skin infections.
Digestive health: CBG has been shown to offer a significant improvement in digestive disorders like colitis and inflammatory bowel disease.
Bladder issues: Research has shown that CBG can help promote bladder control.