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Soft Treats for Sensitive Pets. That’s what we aimed for when we made these natural and chewy treats that are gentle on your pet’s digestion. Hungry & Howl’n is the perfect snack for both young and old pets with soft gums and tender teeth. Do you remember the delicious waft of your grandmother’s cooking? Now your dog can still enjoy the gourmet taste of pumpkin pies and chocolate cookies that smell as nostalgic as they are delicious. When you crack open that package, you and your pet will be Hungry and Howl’n for more.

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    Remember the smell of cookies in the summer? The intoxicating aroma of sugar and spices wafting through the house? Some days, our shop is filled with that nostalgic aroma when we make our batches of Peanut Butter Chip treats for dogs. We thought that our best friends should be able to enjoy the same nostalgic smells as us.

    Luckily, our carob chip recipe makes a sweet and savory dog snack that won’t harm their digestion. When you crack open that brown bag, you and your dog will remember how it feels to be right at home.

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    What’s better than the sweet smell of Fall wafting in the air? A whole pumpkin pie that reminds you of family. Now your pup can enjoy the same smells and tastes with our soft & chewy Pumpkin Pie dog treats!

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    Hungry & Howl’n Cheese Straws are our way of letting dogs enjoy the taste of cheesy treats, and as far as we’re concerned, they’re as good if not better than the ones our moms used to make us. Their soft and chewy composition makes them easy to eat for canines with soft gums or sensitive teeth.

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    Cats are funny creatures. Their affections are fickle, and they like to bring dead animals into the house. Hungry & Howl’n Treats are here for all the oddball cats out there who want to hide in strange places and relish the taste of sea creatures. We believe every cat deserves the best treats, even the tricky ones. In the end, cats are weird creatures. But they’re our weird creatures, and we love them just the same.

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