Thanksgiving Food, Not All For Dogs

 Dog Eating Food


As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, it’s important to remember what foods can and cannot be given to our canine friends when eating the delicious meal. 


           Go Ahead                                                            Stop! Don’t!

           Carrots                                                                  Cooked Bones

           Soy Milk                                                                Cow’s Milk

           Sweet Potatoes                                                     Sweets and Mints

            Apples                                                                   Garlic and Onion

            Blueberries                                                            Chocolate

            Chicken (no bones)                                               Grapes/Raisins

             Green Beans                                                        Salt

             Salmon                                                                 Apricot

             Oatmeal                                                               Caffeine and Alcohol  

Enjoy a great, safe Thanksgiving with all your family, friends and four legged loved ones!



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