Small Shop of the Week: Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable

There are many awesome small businesses where you can pick up a bag of our Barley Bones Craft Dog Treats. Our Small Shop of the Week feature shares more about these shops and where you can give them a visit!


Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable is located in Milton, GA (near Atlanta) and has to be one of the coolest shops around. Wilbur and Rudy’s encompasses so much, we’ll let them explain exactly what they are:

Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable is an Organic Coffee Cafe, Market, Boutique Wine Shop, & Gift Ship with Home Decor. We are located in the old Buice’s General Store on the main corner of the Birmingham Crossroads in Milton, GA. A full renovation was completed that ensured this amazing historic building is here for another 80 years. We are dedicated to making this little oasis the main social gathering spot for the area.

Wilbur and Rudy's Farmtable Storefront

So, as you can see, Wilbur and Rudy’s pretty much does it all. We’re honored to have Barley Bones Craft Dog Treats in their shop, as much of their focus is on organic products, for groceries and beyond.


Wilbur and Rudy's Farmtable Coffee Shop

Wilbur and Rudy's Farmtable Shop

Doesn’t it just look super cozy? If you happen by Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable and hang out for a bit, let them know Barley Bones sent ya!

Wilbur and Rudy’s Farmtable

850 Hickory Flat Rd
Milton, Georgia