Shave it or Keep it?

Husky Cooling Off

   I’m sure you’re all well aware that summer is indeed upon us. As you began opting out pants for shorts, you’re dog is probably just panting more. Which is fine!


    If you’re dog has fur similar to this dog’s…


   One would think sending their dog to the groomers for a proper shave will leave them forever grateful; however, that may not always be the case. 

   Naturally, dogs fur comes equipped with a temperature-regulation system, so altering their coat may disrupt this built in function. Altogether, I am not opposed to the ‘lion mane’ cut; actually I think it’s one of the most adorable looks out there, but I only love it on certain dogs. Such as, dogs who have exceptionally thick coats or are:

  • swimmers
  • too old or tender to withstand a comb-out
  • prone to hot spots, fungal conditions or unusually smelly
  • likely to shed less if shaved
  • sporting coats that are too matted to detangle


  If your dog meets one of these conditions, make sure you leave at least one inch of hair to serve as a sunburn/mosquito protector, and go to a professional groomer or can honestly say you are one! Make sure to visit our DIY dog sunscreen post early next month. Long-haired dogs can get sunburned, too!

   Now, here’s some tips for the dogs who have long hair and owners that don’t care:

  • A dogs normal body temperature ranges from 100-103 F, so on days when outside temperatures are as high as their normal temperature, make your dogs are spending the hottest times inside.
  • Allow more air to circulate near their skin by removing the ‘dead undercoat’. This can be done by brushing frequently. An added bonus, by removing matted hair, your dogs skin has a better shot at staying dry and avoiding the nasty skin infection called, moist dermatitis

   Here are some other indications of heat exhaustion that every dog owner should be aware of:

  • problems breathing
  • excessive panting 
  • drooling 
  • weakness
  • stupor
  • elevated heart rate
  • temperature over 104 F
  • and sorry to have to mention this one.. bloody diarrhea

   I’ll tell ya what, there is absolutely nothing better than sprawling out on the kitchen tiles with my dog after a big day outside. I think they enjoy it much more than visiting the groomer, too!