It’s amazing how fast the months in between the Chattanooga Market are flying by. I’m literally so giddy at the moment; reflecting on the past and the smell of kettle popcorn has me on the edge of my seat, eagerly awaiting for the opening weekend to finally show it’s face.

The Chattanooga Wednesday Market was the first place I was introduced to Barley Bones’, and before becoming a vendor; I would go to be surrounded by the most kind, loving “Free-range Humans” and to be fully immersed in their passions.

From the clever craftsmanship to the food-venturous concoctions that filled the booths; to the friendly staff, and market goers themselves; every person seemed to make a conscious effort to say a happy hello to the strangest of strangers. However unique each person is, there was a commonality amongst all the vendors. The entirety of the market seemed concerned with sharing the generosity, love and especially cares for the younger children, as it’s meant for all ages. It’s the family aspect that makes the market seem like more of a journey and a lifestyle rather than a quick trip to pick up groceries…

During our break, we were fortunate enough to have our new warehouse to protect us from the chilly days while we focused on reconstructing Barley Bones character and bringing to life a few of your ideas.

THAT’S RIGHT – You spoke and we listened, folks! Come April 25th we’re leaving our office chairs for our bur-lapped covered fold out tables and we’re bringing new products with us, too.

We understand offering more than one amazing flavor makes choosing which one for your furry friend to try first is extremely difficult – even for the most decisive of dog owners!

We’re offering 12 and 6 oz. bags of blended flavors, cleverly titled Malty Mix, and a whole new line of treats that aren’t just good enough to eat but are too beneficial not to treat. Once we’re done perfecting the recipes, we’ll be introducing them to our market set up over the course of the season.

Awh, my mind is so full of all the smells, textures, tones and picturesque scenery of the First Tennessee Pavilion. But, don’t you worry – I’ve got a few treasured pictures to show you a little of what I’m missing! 

Ruff Day? Listen to Kelly from Rustic House play whichever instrument he has on him that day. If you’re lucky he may even serenade you!
These two looked like long lost twins!
OH, Oktoberfest and the tapping of a very special beer.. can’t remember the details. Oops.
Remember the chalk drawings?? 
Trying to cool off!
Hands down, favorite moment captured. No question.
Hope to see you all at the market. YEEHAW!