Man’s Best Friend: Holiday Edition

Our weekly breed spotlight on a type of dog that we love- Holiday Edition being dogs that would be great for adoption for families and children, especially this time of year!


Abigail Bulldog

  • There are a few different breeds, the most common are British or English Bulldogs
  • Most Bulldogs are friendly and patient and create strong bonds with families and children
  • The Bulldog is the mascot of the United States Marine Corp
  • Bulldogs are also the mascot of 39 universities in the United States



Beagle Puppy

  • The Beagle is a small size hound dog used often for hunting 
  • Their size is a reason Beagles are popular pets for families
  • Beagles have a great sense of smell
  • Beagles are highly popular in entertainment, Snoopy being named the most famous beagle


Images: Bulldog is Barley Bones owner Ben’s dog, Abigail.

Beagle Image Source