It’s the most wonderful time of the year…


   Dog Shaming for crimes against Thanksgiving

This holiday season, have a piece of paper and a marker ready in case Fido attempts to dig into the turkey before its served or lick the special dinnerware when no ones looking. If Fido tries to ruin Thanksgiving this year make it better by creating a hilarious meme out of the situation. “Dogshaming” turns a negative into a positive and is the best way to show your dog that you’re the clever one!

Here’s a few examples of how to “laugh it out” rather than scream it out this Thanksgiving:

“Be glad I didn’t eat the green bean casserole.”

 Black Lab, Dog shamming for eating the yams.

Your wallet is not safe when your dog is hungry.

 Dog shamed for eating a wallet.

“I don’t understand why you’re mad? I was only trying to help him out without telling him that sweater wasn’t flattering.”

 Chihuahua shamed for eating his brother Thanksgiving sweater.

“I wish someone was there timing me! I think I broke a record”

 Dog shaming for eating a pumpkin pie.

“The sheep were looking at me funny!”

 Dog shamming for destroying stuffed sheep.

“I’m SEW not sorry”

 Dig shamming for eating sewing needles.

“But, But.. I thought you said my mouth was cleaner”

 Dog shamming for licking the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Okay, she looks like she learned her lesson.

Dog shamming for eating Thanks Giving leftovers.

“Need someone to tear a rug up with?”

 Dog shamming for eating a rug.

Loving dog shaming photos doesn’t mean you’re a sadist, no, it means you’re a lover in the sense that you appreciate revenge in the most hilarious/non-violent form out there!