How We Make Barley Bones

We talk about how we make organic treats by hand in our gorgeous city of Chattanooga, but have you ever wondered exactly what that entails? Well, you’re in luck- we want to share the process with you!

Ben and Staci were ready for their close up and ready to show you how our craft dog treats are created, so without further ado…


Our fantastic dog treat makers!



Getting the Spent Grain to start the batch



Measure it out, add a few more things…


Stacing Pouring Water

A little water… keeping mixing it up…

Mixed Up Treats

Once all the ingredients are mixed up, we flatten it out and then get to cutting out each bone by hand!

Flattening the Mix

Cutting out the Treats

After we get them cut out, it’s time to bake.

Who Wants treats

Who’s ready for some Barley Bones Craft Treats?






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