Gilmore Girl’s Paul Anka: An Appreciation Post

Paul Anka the Dog and Man
There’s atleast one of us at Barley Bones who are more than just a little excited about the new episodes of Gilmore Girls that are now on Netflix!  In honor of this adorable and sweet dog, we would like to present our a post of our appreciation of Paul Anka (the dog, not the singer).
Loralai Meeting Paul Anka
Lorelai meeting Paul Anka for the first time…note he’s a shelter dog! Great choice, Lorelai!
Paul Anka, Gilmore Girls, the Dog Swami
Paul Anka the Amazing Dog Swami at the winter carnival, helping raise money for a good cause
Paul Anka Gilmore Girls locking car door
Paul Anka locking Lorelai out of her jeep somehow
Paul Anka the Dog, Gilmore Girls
Of course, Paul Anka has the best taste in food, as he gets treated with cooked steaks for his dinners, but I bet he would love to be a Barley Bones dog!
Happy Gilmore Girls binge watching!