First Aid For Your Furry Pal – Blocked Airways

Dog receiving the Heimlich.Now that the holidays are here, the attention you usually give your pup is going to be directed elsewhere. Your in-laws, nephews, FOOD, and humungous shopping list will all be demanding a lot of your focus. Your dog might handle their newfound freedom with caution or try to swallow the biggest non-food object fido can get his paws on!

In case this happens, we want you to be prepared. The image below shows a few proper techniques to retrieve the non-barley bone treat fido tries to swallow: 

   Heimlich for Dogs

The stress of the holidays can effect your dog, so be sure your pup is well stocked with toys to keep them busy and have a place where they can relax in peace.


  • Don’t attempt the “sweep” technique in Fig. E unless you can see the object.
  • If your dog is coughing, do not perform the Heimlich remover. Coughing is the most effective and natural way to remove an object. 
  • Only perform the Heimlich remover if you cannot visualize the object causing your dog to choke.
  • Fig. F, give 5 strong “strike backs” between your dogs shoulder blades.
  • Turkey bones are a no-go for doggies!

I found this image on english bulldog news website. Visit this site to learn more on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on dogs.