Eating Habits of Dogs (…& Their Owners)

   Now that Thanksgiving and the Holidays are in the proverbial rearview mirror, we have all had a chance to reflect on the time spent with friends and family. One thing is certain, we all splurged in the food department, especially the family dog. From food scraps at the family table, to local dog treats in a stocking, Santa Paws was extra generous this year!

The Christmas Story scene when Ralphie's mother tells Randy to eat like a little piggy

   With respect to eating habits at the family table, all dogs and their owners have different manners. I’m sure we all have an Uncle John who inhales an entire meal, never stopping to talk or even breathe. Without getting too psychological, Uncle Dave probably had to fight his siblings for seconds as a child. Then, on the other hand, there’s also little cousin Lily. Her manners are so refined, it’s as if she was raised in royalty.

Husly sitting at the table

   But now onto man’s best friend, if your dog is lucky enough to be offered table scraps, how does Fido accept them? Does Fido chomp the food scrap along with your hand? Or does Fido exhibit surgical precision when accepting the tasty table treat? Does Fido have an “anything goes policy” or does he prefer sweet potatoes to yams?

 Dachshund with a mouth full of treats

And now that Fido has the food, does he instantly inhale it? Or does Fido run off to an adjacent room to eat in private? Or is he seeking a secret cache spot between the cushions of everyone’s favorite couch? Or does he simply make his way to the nearest patch of soft warm carpet to devour and lick the fibers clean?

 barley bone

Aside from special times throughout the year, Fido should routinely get treats, and his behavior of consuming these treats probably matches one of the stereotypes described above. What kind of special dance or action does your dog take to truly enjoy their Barley Bones experience?

Gobbler Dog: “Look how fast I ate this!”

Hoarder Hound: “I’m a doomsday dog prepper “

Paranoid Pup: “I’ll be over here enjoying this bone – don’t get any funny ideas, guys.”

Carpet Comfort Eater: “Rug is my routine.”

Now that we’ve covered the adorable nuances of dogs and treats, let’s go back to the main course. There’s one other mannerism that differentiates a dog from the pack, Fido’s reaction when dog tags meet the edge of the food bowl. While it may sound like jingle bells to you, it might be a dinner deal breaker for Fido. A dog tag silencer, formally known as ‘tag bags’ are easy to install and eliminate the jingles. Now Fido can get back to eating in peace, whether that means eating like Uncle John or Cousin Lily or somewhere adorably in between.

dog wearing ID silencer

You can find “tag bags” or ID silencers in Chattanooga at Nooga Paws, a natural pet store and big supporter of Barley Bones.

dog sleeping in food bowl

 Please share any stories, pictures, or videos of your dog’s unique eating habits!