Dog of the Month: Peggy

We at Barley Bones are big believers in adoption when looking for a dog to join our families. We are teaming up with the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society for a Dog of the Month feature to share some of the area’s most eligible dogs for adoption!


 March Dog of the Month

Peggy McPeggerson is a loving 2 year old terrier mix. This gal is one smart pupper: she knows numerous command and LOVES to show off what she’s learned. Gal loves treats, which makes training easy! Peg has never been able to fully relax and be a ‘pet’. She was a stray and has spent the entirety of her life off the streets, in a shelter. The kennel life is getting old……she’s ready to prove what a fantastic pet she can be!

Peggy spent some time at a volunteer’s home and we learned she loves to lounge on a soft surface and while the time away with a squeaky toy. Peg likes kids and she had no accidents during her stay and even played with the neighbor’s dog. Peggy is crate trained and will happily pass the time in it while you are at work…..don’t worry!! She’d MUCH rather spend 9 hours in a crate then 24 hours in a kennel, day after week after month. If you are looking for a sweet, loyal, kind and smart dog for your family, you’ve found her.

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