Dog of the Month: Lilly

We at Barley Bones are big believers in adoption when looking for a dog to join our families. We are teaming up with the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society for a Dog of the Month feature to share some of the area’s most eligible dogs for adoption!

Lilly Dog of the Month

Lilly is a 2 year old hound mix that is just a long-legged, lanky puppy at heart. Her ideal home would be with active adults. Lilly would like to join them running or hiking, or simply walking around the neighborhood. If they have children, older children — pre-teens or teens — are best. She gets along with playful dogs who can tolerate her fun, big-dog bouncy side, but not cats so much. A backyard to run in would be great, too. 

Her high energy needs a firm, but loving hand. She has her chill-out times, too, with tummy rubs for her and licks for her human friends. She has joy for life and lots of love to give.

Lilly, Dog of the month

Even though Lilly needs a little work on her manners, the unconditional love that she shows is truly undeniable. We hope that special someone will be able to see past her quirks and see the beautiful, loving girl that we do! Come meet Lilly and her friends today at HES!


To ensure Lilly starts off their new life with their happy family, Barley Bones will be providing a 12 oz bag of either our Rewardable Bacon flavor or our Rewardable Cheese Fries spent grain dog treats. The adoptive parents will be given a coupon to the Barley Bones online store that can be redeemed for either flavor.