Barley Bones found a new ‘green’ home

   Barley Bones’ found a new ‘green’ home, and we think it is the perfect fit, while we like to repurpose spent barley, you will find Greens repurposing old building materials like plaster lath into countertops and wall coverings. Whenever we find a new store to house our treats, it feels like we found a warm, loving home for a pup. Check out more about Greens on our blog.


   Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, architect Sam Young and Local contractor/master plumber Tyler Smith have been working their tails off to provide the supplies to appease any Eco-minded contractor, architect and DIY-er’s needs all in one shop – constructed with a custom lath entry way (you’ll start envisioning one in your door way as soon as you see it) and ceilings as high as your hopes in the success of your project, the feel of the place is down right inspiring and easy on the eyes. Find out more about how they work and why we’re proud to be a feature in their shop.

   The owners want every shoppers experience to feel like a trip to the local farmers market, where you can have any question answered in regards to the product you desire. And by carrying the oh so familiar Barley Bones Craft Doggie Treats along with Rustic House Candles this shop is definitely going to give off that vibe. They’ve stocked the inside of Greens with healthy products and locally sourced building supplies, so ask away and they’ll love to tell you where everything came from and the benefits of using Made in America, formaldehyde-free, and low to zero toxicity products. A brand their very proud to carry is Mythic paint because it is non toxic, gives off a low odor, and does the same job as any other premium paint without the off-gassing VOC’s. At Greens, they can mix the pigments to emulate the color of your dreams, and sometimes a fresh paint job is all you need to revive a tired space. We’re big fans of this paint because it’s not harmful to pets, Score!


   In the near future you will be able to visit Greens wood shop – where you can collaborate with experts on your vision and then create it out of responsibly sourced materials that’ll leave you feeling better about the last ‘Made in China’ product you purchased, YUCK, YUCK, EW! We understand those products have been successful due to how convenient and affordable they are, but companies like Greens are focused on bringing cost competitive, local alternatives to the materials that generate the most toxins all under one roof. 

   They will be offering in store workshops, so you can console your Earth consciousness knowing that you made a killer cutting board for yourself or as a wedding gift for your best bud. It’s not only going to look too pretty to cut potatoes on, but you’re going to feel even better knowing that the lath used to make it was energetically removed from the substructure of plaster walls by some of the manly men at Greens. Below is a beautiful example of rescued lath’s potenital:


   The opening date for their shop has yet to be determined, but it is close! However, when that day comes there’s going to be a ribbon cutting, tulip poplar giveaway (which is the state tree), and a lot more. Not a event you’ll want to miss, and don’t worry – we’ll inform you of the opening date in time for you to clear your calendar!